((grosskopf)) … who’s this? One might say that ((grosskopf)) – meaning ‚big head‘ – is to compare with a funnel in which all kind of musical influence and style is inserted and out of his saxophone’s bell comes HIS music … jazz-funk spiced with drum’nbass and ambient sounds! This stylistic description of ((grosskopf))’s work would be too simple if you look at his diverse projects and the compositions of the last years. The juries, awarding him did so, because of the huge stylistic diversity in playing and composing.

In his projects involved are musicians like percussionist Hakim Ludin, New York-based singer Miles Griffith, singer Lois from Vienna, singer Charlotte Karlstedt from Amsterdam and DJ Pyjama Pyrat from Leipzig among others.

He travelled through Europe, North America and Asia (Nepal, India, Japan) to play his music. On his tours he has not only performed his material but came together with local musicians to experiment on the base of their own traditional music … “music is a raw material you can work with just as you like.” … is his answer to how to fuse his own style with Nepalese influences on his travel to Kathmandu.

((grosskopf)) found his label (type:g)records and publishing (type:g)publishing to produce and license his music and to have the freedom to do whatever he wants to do!

Being asked what music means to him, he says: “freedom, energy and the joy of life!” these are the important principles for ((grosskopf)) … nothing else counts!

music is the kerosene for my engine!” … so ((grosskopf)) speakswith deep breath.